Need More Exercise in Your Life, Get a Dog

Being active is one of the best things you can do for your body. Staying active is even better yet sometimes hard to achieve when you are juggling life and work. Sometime we are so involved in are work and life that we just never make the time for exercise. Perhaps you are all about the home gym idea but once you finally get one, you spend more time dusting it off than using it. If this sound like you than you might want to consider getting a dog. According to an article from The New York Times, studies have shown that dogs are great at motivating you to move. It does not hurt that you have to regular take Fido out anyways for his bathroom outings.

The article found that even older people who have dogs will take more walks than those without dogs. If you are one … Read More

Keeping the Yorkshire Terrier Coat healthy

The Yorkshire Terrier, typically described as a Yorkie, is among one of the most prominent pet dog types in the America today. In spite of their small stature, the Yorkie is recognized for a classic character as well as caring friendship. This breed is also popular for its beautiful coat. But if you are not keeping a proper care to their coat it will be less attractive.

Traditional or Puppy Cut?

Yorkshire Terrier Young puppies are birth black as well as tan in the shade by born. Additionally, the Yorkie’s layer progressively brightens and also comes to be steel-blue as well as golden-tan.

The Yorkie’s layer is extremely elegant with a shiny and also smooth appearance. These breeds have the traditional long coat, and the furry coat requires frequent brushing as well as grooming to look an elegant face. It is, nevertheless, an individual choice how to brush the layer … Read More