The Surprising Technology That is Creating New Careers for the Disabled

Technology and education have made it possible for people with disabilities to still have many exciting career opportunities available to them. This has not always been the case. Just a few decades ago the majority of Americans were employed in manual labor jobs that were impossible for people with physical limitations. Even office or administrative jobs were off-limits to a number of individuals because many buildings were not accessible. Federal regulations led to numerous changes and today there are career opportunities perfectly suited to people with disabilities.

Despite the improvements many areas of the country have had limited opportunities for careers for the disabled. They currently face an unemployment rate 50 percent higher than workers without physical challenges. Visual and hearing impairments have been the easiest for employers to accommodate. People with mobility issues are traditionally more difficult to place, even when their education or skill levels are high. The problem is compounded when wheelchair-reliant employees also have limited arm and upper body movement. However, it is possible that many remain jobless only because they are unaware of the opportunities that now exist.

An entirely new career field is opening up to disabled workers. Drone technology is now considered one of the best fields for career-minded individuals with disabilities. As more industries discover the cost-effective value of using drones the number of open positions increases. This is not a skill that is learned instantly. It takes practice to operate commercial drones safely and effectively. There is currently a shortage of skilled operators in many areas of the country.

Adding to the shortage is the need for specialized training and certifications due to FAA regulations. Many drone operator training programs designed specifically for people with disabilities now exist. The classes are cropping up around the United States as the numbers of interested students increases. It is a growing field that offers people that may have once thought they had no place in the workforce a dynamic and lucrative opportunity. Drone piloting is a skilled career that gives the disabled the ability to support themselves and to see the world from an entirely new viewpoint. Watching them excel in such an innovative and valuable career also helps to reveal to the world the talent and ability that has always existed in this group of people.